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Hall of Fame bowler – and star of 4 motion pictures – Joe Wilman has shared his techniques for bowling success with more students than any other teacher in the history of the game.  Today, he will teach you the secret on how to…

Bowling Tips - Raise
Your Bowling Average
To A Respectable Level

Bowling tips - Bowling strikes is fun…and it does wonders for your score, but even professional bowlers can’t bowl strikes at-will.  The real key to success – and the technique that offers the greatest increase in score is – picking up spares!

When you learn to consistently pick up more spares, your bowling average will literally skyrocket.  Today’s lesson is all about picking up spares.  Plus, I’ll share with you my exact strategy for picking up the 2-7 spare.

By Edward Aw, Staff Reporter
January 11, 2008

Far too many bowlers worry about bowling a strike, but not enough about picking up the spare.  This is the single biggest mistake amateur bowlers make.

With the help of legendary bowler Joe Wilman, I’m going to share with you exactly why you must take spare opportunities seriously…and how to significantly increase your odds of picking up every spare that comes your way.

Put these tips into action…and watch your average climb skyward.  Let’s get started.

Rescue your bowling average with this technique - Bowling Tips!

Who is Joe Wilman

Hall of Famer Joe Wilman said, “Making spares consistently is the principal distinction between the star and the average bowler.”  What he’s saying is simple, the star knows that if he continues to pick up his spares, he will wind up with a respectable game…and that the strikes will eventually come. 

While doing so, he chalks up his spares so that when the strikes do arrive, he can come through with big counts.

“The average bowler, on the other hand, never bothers to figure that if he made only spares throughout a game, he could still role a game of 190.  He is always too intent on the strike, which is the beginning and end of bowling as far as he is concerned.

The average bowler never really takes the time to stop and consider the importance of the spare shot, and consequently he never practices shooting at spares.

Wilman continues, “I know from personal experience that spares can make or break you, especially when your strike ball is not clicking as it should.  Many a time I have gone what seemed to be endless frames without a strike, just converting each spare as it popped up, and then suddenly found myself right up in the running as the strikes began to appear.”

His point is clear: by keeping himself in the running by making the spares, he avoided those really bad low games that can cost the difference between winning a tournament and finishing twentieth.

The same advice could apply to you: picking up those spares could be the difference between your team winning or losing on league night.

5 easy bowling tips to convert more spares

Tip #1: Leave single-pin spares
It’s simple, you must hit the head pin more often.  Throw from the side and not down the middle.  You’ll also get more strikes this way.  Do not throw a huge macho hook, a smaller hook is more easily controlled.

Tip #2: Pick up your single-pin spares
Continue practicing your spares, especially the 10-pin.  Shoot across the alley at the pins on the sides.  Throw a straighter ball at spares…easily accomplished by throwing the ball a little bit harder down the lane.

Tip #3: Go after those tougher spares
You’ll want to do your best to not leave yourself with the challenging spares.  More often than the simple spares, you won’t always be able to pick these up.  To increase your odds, be smart, and throw a good straight line at these spares.  If you do miss a challenging spare, blame your first ball for leaving it in the first place.

Tip #4: Roll the ball
The ball should be rolling, not sliding, shortly after letting go of the ball.

Tip #5: Practice, practice, and more practice
I can’t say it any differently than that.

Joe Wilman was a professional bowler who was named to the “Hall of Fame” in 1951 by the Bowling Writers of America.  Some of Joe’s records include the following:

• World’s individual match-game champion (1945-46)

• American Bowling Congress All-Events champion (1939 and 1946)

Only bowler ever to hold simultaneously the world individual match-game title, the world doubles championship, and the ABC All-Events crown (1946)

Captain, All-American bowling team (1946)

Holds the following ABC Tournament records:

  • Five-year avg.214.37

  • Twice leader of ten-year averages

  • Only man ever to roll over 2,000 twice

  • Only man ever to roll 12 consecutive 200 games

  • Only man ever to finish among first ten places in all four events in a single ABC tournament (1939)

• Star of four motion pictures on bowling

Only man officially accredited by the New York City Board of Education to teach bowling

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2-7 Spare- Bowling Tips: So easy, a baby can do it

The 2-7 and 3-10 leaves are known as baby splits, and they are played in similar fashion but from opposite sides.  I promised I would share Joe Wilman’s secret for picking up this spare, so…here it is:

With the 2-7 leave, simply move over to the right side of the approach and aim for the 4-pin spot between the two.  Because of the angle at which the ball hooks, this baby split is a bit easier for a right-handed bowler.

Wilman makes an excellent point, “Confidence plays a big part in shooting the baby splits.  Shooting with the feeling that you are going to make the spare means that you have half the battle won.  The baby splits are not nearly so difficult to make as they appear.”

Based up Wilman’s technique for converting the 2-7 spare, I’ve created a tutorial video below so that you could better visualize this spare shot.  Ensure your speakers are turned on, and then simply press the play button at the far left bottom.

Pretty powerful, don’t you think?

Now that you have an actual plan that will increase your bowling average through converting more spares, wouldn’t you like to learn Joe Wilman’s techniques for converting all the other possible spare leaves?

I thought you would.

Could you imagine what it would cost to hire a private bowling coach with the credentials that Joe Wilman racked up during his professional career?  Thousands of dollars I’m sure.

But Joe was gracious enough to leave behind a 100 page manuscript that contains all his secrets to bowling success.  In it, he covers…

  • Tip on better bowling etiquette. (Don’t get your fellow bowlers angry by saying or doing something dumb.  They might drop a ball on your foot) Page 6
  • Fundamentals every bowler ought to know (or else suffer the consequences) Page 13
  • Spot, pin, or line bowling. Which one are you? (How to make each one work for you) Page 35
  • Bowl strikes like a pro. (Joe’s tips on getting more turkeys) Page 38
  • Bowling’s biggest secret. (Convert more spares and splits) Page 44
  • Critical tips for the beginner and professional bowler alike. Page 61
  • Take your game to the next level. (The Pro level) Page 64
  • The most common mistakes bowlers make. (And how to fix every last one of them) Page 70
  • A complete bowling dictionary. (Don’t look like an idiot when a fellow bowler speaks bowler-ese) Page 94
  • Pictures and diagrams throughout the ENTIRE book to help you visualize your shots.
  • Bowling tips for right and left-handed bowlers. (We didn’t forget about you lefty!)
  • But that’s not all …

If a picture says a thousand words…what about a video? 

If 100 pages of Hall of Fame bowler Joe Wilman’s most guarded and successful bowling secrets were not enough, I’ve gone one step further.


Based upon Joe’s exact techniques presented in his ‘Bowl Them Away’ manuscript, I’ve created nearly 60 minutes of video tutorials…just like the one above that taught you how to convert the 2-7 baby split.

All in all, 36 video tutorials showing you the exact techniques Joe used throughout his career to convert each-and-every spare/split possibility you might encounter.

How many bowlers can say they have a champion bowler as their coach? 

You can learn from the man who has taught more students the game of bowling than any other teacher in the world…and you can do it for less than it would cost you to buy your bowling team a round of beers!

That’s right.  You can get your copy of Joe Wilman’s ‘Bowl Them Away’ manuscript, along with all 36 video tutorials for just $37.

How can you possibly go wrong with this?  Just go back up and look at the impressive credentials and records that Joe Wilman earned during his professional career. 

But I want to ensure that you are 100% comfortable with making this investment in your bowling game.  Therefore, I’m backing up your purchase with this guarantee… 

Guaranteed to raise your average! 

Listen, if you don't agree that this is the most impactful, eye-opening and practical information you've ever received on increasing your bowling average, simply e-mail me and I'll issue you a 100% refund on the spot.  No hard feelings and no questions asked.  In fact, I'll extend this guarantee for 8 weeks after you get everything!  That's right, 8 full weeks to use and prosper from this unique bowling information or else ask (and receive) an immediate refund. 

What I'm saying is, don't decide now if this product is for you.  Just get it and try it out.  If it doesn't do everything I say and more, if you don't get an immediate increase in your bowling average, if it doesn't work for you, you have nothing to worry about because you can get every dime of your money back under our no-loopholes guarantee.  So you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Don’t wait a second longer.  Instantly download your copy of Joe Wilman’s ‘Bowl Them Away’ manuscript and all 36 web video tutorials.  Your bowling team members will be in awe at your improvement the very next time you step foot in the alley.

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Bowling Tips Testimonial:
"What was the best part of Bowl Them Away? Diagrams and video to convert spares. I also found useful the information on proper balance...a relaxed armswing and follow-thru to your target. Converting my spares has made a big difference for me! There is something useful for every level of bowler in Bowl Then Away. I apply the tips during my practice sessions and league play and am very pleased to actually see improvement in my game. In the past few weeks of league play I have noticed a remarkable improvement in converting my spares, which has helped me to bowl over my average (curently 158), up 8 pins from the start of winter league. Have been bowling 9 pin the past 2 months, every other Sat, and each time I've made it to the final round, placing 2nd (3rd the first time) in the women's division. Being able to leave only the dreaded 10 pin to count as a strike is great! But, I am finding I don't leave the 10 pin as much anymore, and am able to pick more spares (and splits) than I used to! I'm still working on a realease to be consistant at picking the 10 pin with how my ball reacts on the lanes...its a hammer sharp blade and it will hook ever so slightly at reaching the 10 pin. Participating in 9 pin gives me the chance to bowl on different lane conditions and learn how to adjust to my ball's reaction on the lane. I have been happy with myself just make it to the final rounds in 9 pin as their are quite a few higher average bowlers that participate." -- C. Schweihs

Bowling Tips Testimonial: "people should at least understand that its a game. with rules, understanding it will make it more enjoyable. coaches now just teach you how to bowl and thats it. this should be one of those "read this it will help" cause i coach one of the schools here in the Phil. this will be a nice teaching tool." -- S. Uy

Bowling Tips Testimonial: "the best part for me has the spare shooting section, just because that's were I need most improvement. I liked the close up shots of were the ball must hit, and the overhead shots of were to start your approach and the arrow to throw at. it is definately not a copy of any other book I've bought in the past. And it has a lot of useful information for any level of bowler." -- B. Simpson

Bowling Tips Testimonial: "Simple language to understand and demonstration by means of pictures was a very easy way to express the real desired idea of bowling." -- M. D'souza

Bowling Tips Testimonial: "Reading your product is really great and what i like most is the Bowling Fundamentals and the Common Faults and Remedies for which on the first mention, we will be able to know that the correct timing or rythm, follow through, footwork, control and consistency are the main key in order to become good bowler; and be able to know the right way of correcting those mistakes on the second" -- L. Marcial

Bowling Tips Testimonial: "I found this book very interesting and helpful. Even though I have carried a 200 or pluss average for the past 8 years I found many helpful hints. " -- L. Fuhrmann


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