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Welcome to the "Bowl Them Away"

Affiliate Program!

Dear Fellow Bowler :

W elcome to the Bowl Them Away Affiliate program. You can immediately start earning 55% of every purchase made from your links. You don't even need a web site !

Be low is your quick start guide .

Getting Started

There are many many ways to promote Bowl Them Away. As we continue to build we will give you new ideas.

NOTE: Everywhere you see XXXX You need to replace with your ClickBank Nickname or it won't work!

First, you have to know your link. If you forget to use this, you will NOT get credit for the sale.

Let's just start with some simple effective ones:

  • Email. All you need to do is send out an email to your bowling buddies and have your link in the email! It's as simple as that.

    So a sample e-mail you could use.
Subject: (FRIEND'S NAME), I found a great bowling book.


I found a great e-book on bowling. It is almost 100 pages covering a ton of aspects of bowling. It also has videos "showing" you how to convert spares! Take a look bly clicking below.

<a href=" ">Bowling Tips E-Book</a>



Of course, you are totally free to use any type of email you would like. Just remember that you must include
XXXX/awent to get credit.
  • Web page banners. Another option is to use banners. If you own a web page this is very easy to do. Just copy and paste the following html into your code.

    <a title="Bowling Tips! Bowl Them Away!" href="" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="Bowl Them Away!" width="468" height="60" border="0"></a>

    This is what the banner looks like:

  • Text Links. Another option is to use text links or you web page. If you own a web page this is very easy to do. Just copy and paste the following html into your code.

    <a href=" ">Bowling Tips E-Book</a>

    You are free to change where it says "Bowling Tips E-Book" to anything you want. Make it catchy so people will want to click!

  • Other Online Options. There are a ton of other online options that we will continue to expand. However, if you want to be aggressive, here are some options
    • Online Classified Ads
    • Posting on forums
    • Buying some ad space in a newsletter
    • Putting links on other web sites in thier resources page
    • Know others, email us at

  • Offline Options. You CAN market to the local proshops, your league, other leagues, and more. Of you would like more information on this, please email us at

If you want any help or have any suggestions please feel free to email us at

Wishing you much success online!


Ed Aw

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